Tiberius (14-37)

During this time, Augustus’ death in 14 had then caused Tiberius to become ruler.  However, at the time of Augustus’ death, he had hesitated to take over as ruler because he felt as if he was inadequate for the position.  He had even gone as far as telling the senate that he was reluctant and inadequate to fill this role.  He was then appointed control of the Praetorian Guard.  The authority in which Tiberius had during this time since he was Augustus’ heir was also greatly and positively impacted because of his tribunician power, the fact Augustus adopted him and Augustus’ bequest to him of his estate along with one of the most important components, his name… Augustus.  However, Rome’s armies had saw the death of Augustus in a different aspect which was it simply being their way to possibly obtain munity.


To achieve this, they had demanded more money, humane treatment, fixed terms of enlistment, and no recalls to service.  Because of this, Tiberius was faced with numerous conflicts and dilemmas, which included sending his own son, Drusus to Pannonia.  However, Tiberius spent most of his time away from Rome and had very few friends in the city.  Even when he did make friends, he still found himself spending large amounts of time away from Rome, mostly due to serving in the military.  In a book by Boatwright, it states that “His (Tiberius) brilliant exploits during this period have been obscured by the hatred he later aroused among senators, the authors of most Roman histories (312).”  What are your thoughts on Tiberius?  Do you have any other additional information?


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